A downloadable quantemp for Windows

You play as a cyborg who escapes from a prison. You can control a small flying robot called Kelvin, who can use liquid nitrogen to freeze anything in its radius. Two players, both with joysticks are recommended. Traverse through 2d platforming challenges with your friends.

Use A and D to move the cyborg and arrow keys to control Kelvin;

Spacebar to make the cyborg jump, right control to freeze area around Kelvin;

Platforms that are frozen by Kelvin turn into superconductors which make the magnets on top of them levitate. You can also pick up Nitrogen packs to replenish Kelvin's Nitrogen suply;

In some levels, Kelvin is locked inside a pink-purple-ish barrier. To free him from this area, the cyborg must pick up the red sphere.

Programming : Nika Otiashvili

Sounds : Nika Inashvili

Level Design : Sulkhan Pataridze

Art : Tio

Good luck and have fun!

Install instructions

Download and install the game. Works on windows.


Quantemp.rar (24 MB)

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